Swedish Roots in oregon

An Immigration Research Project



Swedish Roots in Oregon has been collecting information about Swedish Immigrants to this area since its founding.  We are gradually digitizing these data and uploading them either to our website or by use of a link to a national site called SWEAME (Swedish America Heritage Online).  The site may be reached by clicking here at SWEAME Genealogy database - Oregon. SWEAME, the host, has been gracious in making their site one about Swedes in Texas to a national listing. This may have advantages over just listings by each of the 50 states. SRIO expects to add about 6000 names to its existing list as we progress.

If you have information to share you may send it directly to SRIO at genealogy@swedishrootsinoregon.org

We also invite inquiries, although our resources are limited and voluntary, to the above email address.